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This pack has:

  • Speedhack

  • Mastery hack

  • VIP hack

  • Aimbot Wallhack SpeedHack

  • BS

  • Grenade-rain

  • Ultra-hack

  • Rapid-Fire hack

  • Aimbot

  • Other


The hack connects to the internet so it WILL get blocked by antiviruses and firewalls. Please disable any antivirus or firewall you have while you are using the hack, i already had complaints regarding this and the problems were fixed once they turned off the firewall. You can rest assured that the hack is harmless and will not affect your computer in any way, turning off your av/firewall is required just so the hack can authenticate and identify you as a VIP. If it gets blocked it won’t be able to do that and it will close your game.

After that start the launcher and you will be asked if you want to start with the hack or not. If you select Yes the hack will be injected, if not, nothing happens and the game continues to load.

When the game is done loading you will be welcomed by a message telling you to press “*” to activate the menu. This will only work while in a match, if you press * or F10 while in the lobby it will not work.

When you press the * of F10 key while ingame a menu will appear :
F Key – Aimbot | Alt + F – Change Aimbot Mode
Alt + X – No Recoil | Alt + C – All2Melee
Alt + V – No Feedback| Alt + A – Speedhack
Alt + S – Zoomability | Alt + D – Insta Weapon
Alt + E – Grenade Speed | Alt + Z – Rapid Fire
Shift + Z – Team ESP | Shift + X – Xhair | Shift + C – Get Weapon

PageUp opens the Teleport menu
Alt + M – Save Slot 1 | Alt + J – Load Slot 1
Alt + , – Save Slot 2 | Alt + K – Load Slot 2
Alt + . – Save Slot 3 | Alt + L – Load Slot 3
Alt + U – Telekill Blue Team | Alt + O – Telekill Red Team
Alt + I – Restore initial position

PageDown opens the BD hacks menu
Shift + M – Knife Mastery | Shift + , – Rifle Mastery | Shift + . – Sniper Mastery
Shift + J – Pistol Mastery | Shift + K – SMG Mastery | Shift + L – Shotgun Mastery
Shift + U – Grenade Mastery | Shift + I – XP + BP | Shift + O – Freeze Time
Shift + 9 – Reset all | Shift + 0 – End Time

After you press * for the first time the hack will do some checks. If everything is ok ( ok means you are VIP ) it will say “Hotkeys Enabled!” and you will be able to activate the hacks. If it fails it will close the game.

To activate the hacks press the desired combination of keys.

Hack Options :

* or F10 menu :

F Key – Aimbot

Pressing the F key will aim at the nearest enemy.

Alt + F – Change Aimbot Mode

Body Mode = aims at the body instead of the head
FOV Mode = Aims only at enemies in front of you ( otherwise it will aim even at enemies behind you )
Aim+Body = Aims at the body of enemies in front of you.
All Modes – OFF = Aims at the closest enemies head even if they are behind you.

Alt + X – No Recoil

Removes all recoil and spread from all weapons, this allows you to get headshots very easy even without the aimbot.

Alt + C – All2Melee

Makes all the weapons available as a melee weapon. This means you can use any weapon in a knife only match. Also, you get infinite ammo for any weapon.
After pressing Alt+C, press b to select a new weapon and you will see all the weapons are in the melee tab. Select any weapon then die and you when you press 3 you will have the selected weapon as melee with infinite ammo.

Alt + V – No Feedback

Stops your screen from shaking when you get shot.

Alt + A – Speedhack

Increases your walking speed. It’s not a full speedhack so you can still shoot at normal speed.

Alt + S – Zoomability

Allows you to zoom with all weapons, just right click and you’ll see. Pistols may be bugged and could zoom too much, avoid using this options with pistols.

Alt + D – Insta Weapon

Makes everything instant, instant reload, instant weapon switch. The animation might look like it’s reloading but you can shoot.

Alt + E – Grenade Speed

Increases or decreases the speed of your grenades, you can choose slow, fast and normal.

Alt + Z – Rapid Fire

Allows you to shoot very fast.

Shift + Z – Team ESP //temporarily disabled

Allows you to see enemies names through walls just like you see your teammates.
The options has 3 modes:
– BLUE TEAM ( will show the blue team names through walls )
– RED TEAM ( will show the red team names through walls )
– BOTH TEAMS ( will show both teams names through walls )

Shift + X – Xhair

Draws a crosshair in the middle of the screen. It can be used for all weapons, including snipers.

Shift + C – Get Weapon

Opens up a menu where you can choose which weapons you want to use ( this hack can give you ANY weapon, BP,GS,Gachapon,NZI,unreleased,etc ).

How to use :
– press Shift+C and alt tab to the item selection window.
– choose the weapons you want and press SELECT.
– go back to blackshot and die. When you respawn you will have the weapons you selected.
The weapons may go away after you die, simply press select again and die and they will come back to you.

PageUp menu :

Alt + M – Save Slot 1
Tip: Save the Coordinates of the spot you are currently standing on.
Alt + J – Load Slot 1
Tip: Teleports your character to the Saved location.

Alt + , – Save Slot 2
Tip: Save the Coordinates of the spot you are currently standing on.
Alt + K – Load Slot 2
Tip: Teleports your character to the Saved location.

Alt + . – Save Slot 3
Tip: Save the Coordinates of the spot you are currently standing on.
Alt + L – Load Slot 3
Tip: Teleports your character to the Saved location.

Alt + U – Telekill Blue Team
Tip: Teleports under the Blue Team players , look-up to attack your enemy.
Alt + O – Telekill Red Team
Tip: Teleports under the Red Team players , look-up to attack your enemy.

Alt + I – Restore initial position
Tip:Teleports you to middle of the map , can also be used for stopping telekill

PageDown Menu :

All the hacks in this menu are for BD and they cannot be used in regular matches.

Shift + M – Knife Mastery
Tip:Increases your Knife mastery to unlock mastery weapons/items

Shift + , – Rifle Mastery
Tip:Increases your Rifle mastery to unlock mastery weapons/items

Shift + . – Sniper Mastery
Tip:Increases your Sniper mastery to unlock mastery weapons/items

Shift + J – Pistol Mastery
Tip:Increases your Pistol mastery to unlock mastery weapons/items

Shift + K – SMG Mastery
Tip:Increases your Sub-Machine Gun mastery to unlock mastery weapons/items

Shift + L – Shotgun Mastery
Tip:Increases your Shotgun mastery to unlock mastery weapons/items

Shift + U – Grenade Mastery
Tip:Increases your Grenade mastery to unlock mastery weapons/items

Shift + I – XP + BP
Tip: XP will help you to “rank up” to a higher rank while BP can be used to make clan , buy weapons or items . You MUST buy Head Hunter I and Head Hunter II before you can use this hack. Without HH I and HH II you will get 0 XP an 0 BP.

Shift + O – Freeze Time
Tip:Freeze the time , most likely for time hack //temporarily disabled

Shift + 9 – Reset all
Tip:Off all the BD hacks , changing all values to 0

Shift + 0 – End Time
Tip:End the BD game by ending the time

NOTES : Disassemble the DLL using the disassembler, remove the hwid gen code, you can use the hack now.


(click one of these BANNERS from down)













































NOTE !!! If a hack doesn’t work please read this update :


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